About Us

ORTAK Elektronik Corp. is founded in İzmir to serve the electronics device manufacturers, universities and research institutes by providing machines, consumables and test devices from the leading suppliers in their field. We provide full support to all the customers in microelectronics and electronics market for production, research and development, testing, etc.
Our SMD assembly solutions portfolio includes ICT test machines; IR and UV curing ovens; screen printers; reflow ovens; selective wave soldering and BGA reworking machines; cleaning machines; conformal coating and dispensing machines; PCB handling, marking and depaneling systems; X-ray inspection systems; scanning acoustic microscopes (SAM); BGA endoscopes; video microscopes; AOI and SPI machines, etc.
Our microelectronics assembly and semiconductor solutions portfolio includes die bonding & flip-chip bonding systems; wire bonding & wire testing systems; plasma cleaning systems; diffusion furnaces & rapid thermal annealing furnaces; wafer dicers, probers & grinders, etc.
Ortak Elektronik also provides EMC test devices and antennas which are used in the test laboratories, universities, research institutes and R&D departments of the electronic device manufacturers.
We provide all installation, service and technical support for all the equipment sold to the customers. Our main priority is representing only the manufacturers which are completely trustable about the quality of the machines and devices they produce. Many of the companies we represent are the leading suppliers in their areas.
Ortak Elektronik was founded as a continuation of Norana, which had been in service of the electronics industry in Turkey for 30 years. And our aim is to continue giving the best quality of service to our customers by using our long term experience in this field.